Delirium Tremens

Folk Noir

Delirium Tremens

“Gypsy Rose Lee meets David Bowie… and breaks his heart.”
Standon Calling

“Naughty and glamorous"
Immodesty Blaize,

“Excellent urban folk meanderings out at leftfield with some fine assaults on the sense and always probing, probing – the coolest act ever to explore Necrophilia in pop music –Robyn Hitchcock comes a close second”

“Beautiful voice”
Terry Hall, The Specials

“Really unique. I like it a lot”.
Mike Figgis 

“Folk Noir band Delirium Tremens causing a record co stir playing amazing sets at London’s most debauched parties“
Scottish Sun 

“I wouldn’t kick either of you out of bed.”
Sebastian Horsley 

Benjamin Zephaniah

Delirium Tremens's album "Thirst" is available from:

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